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Le Cercle du Groove Conscient

Quelques ressources et inspirations en attendant un stage prévu en 2019 sur la base de l'approche de Kenny Werner...

"I spent months learning to play one note. I think that once or twice I got it right, and we actually went on to the second finger!"


"True musical depth is not about better playing, but about more ”organic” playing."



"How can we retain the bliss of freedom as we approach our instrument? We must let go of all desires and focus on love. To have the nectar flow through us, we must honor our inner being, and practice receiving what is being given. We must practice and strengthen this connection daily. (...) But when you have made the inner connection, playing becomes more like taking dictation from within. Work with the thought, I am a master, I am great. Then just put your hands on the instrument, trust them, and eventually it will be so."


"(...) if dissonant notes are played and the player embraces them as consonant, the listener will also hear them as consonant! Conversely, even the simplest harmony will sound strange to a listener if the player hasn’t understood that harmony. If you listen to the wrong notes, meditate and embrace them with your heart, affirming their beauty, they will become sonic rubies, sparkling with tone.

You can resolve so-called dissonant intervals the same way."

"When the soul is attuned to God, every action becomes music."

"Beauty is the life of the artist, the theme of the poet, the soul of the musician."

(...) "Keith Jarrett often repeats single notes at different volumes and durations, sometimes for minutes at a time, as if exploring the harmonic frequencies that can be conjured from the instrument."

Become the sound, express yourself on your instrument

Become the sound, express yourself on your instrument

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